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Parable of the Ten Virgins - Limerick Style

(Based on Matthew 25:1-13)
by Daniel S. Brogan

Ten virgins with oil lamps glowing
Slept soundly ere the bridegroom's showing.
When "He Cometh" was cried,
The five foolish ones spied
That their source of lamp oil had stopped flowing.
This they to the wise ones were telling
And pleading with words most compelling,
But retorted the wise,
"We've just our own supplies.
Go buy more oil from those who are selling."
So while to buy oil these were going,
They reaped from the seed they'd been sowing,
For the wise entered in
When the wedding began,
But the rest were told, "You I'm not knowing."
This lesson we all should be learning
Of those who lacked oil for lamps burning,
Lest we be not prepared
At the time undeclared
When our Lord Jesus Christ is returning!